The Abandoned Mine

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Following a waypoint to our destination.

The front door of the old home.

The brick and mortar sealed the small one bedroom house from the hostile weather

old mason and medicine jars

The abandoned mine

Its been forever since I have blogged, but I have stayed busy doing as much adventuring as possible.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine and myself ventured out into the great Southwest Desert to hunt down this turn of the century abandoned mine and small one bedroom abode. We left early in the morning after sleeping on the side of the interstate and basically bouldered our way to a coordinate point I had in my GPS. After several hours and lots of cactus pricks, we came upon this amazing piece of history. A perfectly perserved home built into a partial cave with brick and mortar pieced to protect the shelter from the elements. The inside still had firewood prepped for the space heater that rest near the bed and mason jars on the shelves. About a quarter mile from the home we came across the incredibly eerie mine. I can’t imagine a life of solitude of living in such a place, let alone with working in the confines and danger of a desert mine.

We enjoyed a nice lunch in the solitude and headed back down to the interstate by sunset. It was an incredible hike!

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