Lets Blow Something Up

January 16, 2010 Olin Patterson No comments

olin patterson and a shot gun in kansas
Olin Patterson shot himself a chair
eric broberg shoots his first gun
eric broberg first gun and he goes for the magnum
pete eich has those crazy eyes
pete had that crazy look in his eyes
scott hunthausen and his shot gun
scott hunthausen in proper hunting attire
olin patterson, eric broberg, scott hunthausen, pete eich, virgil in goodland kansas
prepared to shoot the abandoned barn behind them

October 10, 2008

What Kansas lacks in colorful scenery it makes up for in colorful people. While stranded on the side of the road yesterday in a terrible rainstorm they were stopped by a man driving by who said he would offer them a place to dry off until the rain had subsided. Needless to say, the rain did not subside and the team spent a wonderful day and night at a gentleman named Virgil’s house learning all about the Kansan way of life. They had some wonderful refreshments, shot many a hand gun, rifle, elephant gun, missile launcher, etc. and enjoyed touring the town in a nice 50 foot RV to their own private boogie dance party. The guys learned that even though the Kansas landscape may be a bit blase, Kansans sure make the best of what they have. The boys left recharged the next morning with full bellies, warm clothes, and experts at just about 50 different types of fire arms.

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