Shoot Me: I’m Lost, Starving, and Miserable

January 13, 2010 Olin Patterson No comments

This is a blog I wrote when I rode a bicycle across the country… I am moving it here from to preserve it in a single location! Enjoy! xxop

shoot me, i am lost starving and miserable
Pete Eich was a little upset at me… I think I lost my map privileges after this

September 19, 2008

While traversing the mountainous regions of eastern Tennessee in the heat of day, the team took a wrong turn and found themselves 12 miles off course. Navigator Olin Patterson refused to comment on this seemingly dubious blunder, but did attempt to blame a pack of harmless cows for eating the US Highway sign that was supposed to lead them in the right direction. This hypothesis proved to be untrue when the group back tracked those twelve miles of hellacious ascent in the burning heat, only to find a perfectly decent US Highway sign appropriately placed where it was supposed to be all along.

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