Where to Host My Website?

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There are more hosting provider companies in existence then one could ever care to know about. And even though they all have a different niche or claim to offer as a selling point, there are really just a couple basic things you need to know when it comes to finding a place to host your website.

Think of a host as a public storage space. Your website is a bunch of files containing images and code to make it all dynamically fit together in a browser but it needs a home in a safe but predominately public location. You need a spot for it that has good highways and wide freeways around it (known as broadband in the web world) to allow people to conveniently get to it, and a pretty sign above to lure people in (your domain name) so that people don’t have to remember your long and arduous street address (your ip address) to visit.You also need to have a competent land lord (customer service and IT team associated with your hosting provider) to assist with your move and your needs. The same rules that make a nice piece of real estate desirable: location, foundation and size of the lot… are all the same rules that make a hosting provider great.

Just like in real estate, the more people you pack into one location, the more busy the roads leading up to your location get. The more inaccessible your land lord is, the more issues and confusion can occur when you may need assistance. And though cheaper rent can continue to allure people, the outcome is the same for physical locations and hosting providers- the creation of overlooked slums that traffic willingly avoids. In the above video we highlight the importance of checking how many people you are sharing your space with and provide an effective solution. We also offer a great customer care to clients to make sure they are comfortable in their new online space.

where to host a website
A high percentage of “0:00:00′s” in the ‘site-time’ column could suggest your hosting provider is not quite doing the job.

Three great things I advise people with hosting is to check how many people are on your server (see the video above for figuring out how to do this), how helpful and available customer service is, and by reviewing your analytics for signs that people are not making it to your site because of a lack of broadband. The arrow in the above image points to a “00:00:00″, that may suggest this person was dropped before the site ever loaded. Too many of these “00:00:00′s” and it may be time for you to move on.

With plenty of room, a MySQL database, ecommerce ability, 2 GB disk space, 250 GB bandwidth, 500 email accounts, up to 25 FTP accounts, cpanel access, SSL options, and a direct line to access your support team. We offer premium hosting service for those looking for a sound hosting experience.

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